GeoSOFT ERP for Wholesale and Distributors

Manage and Grow Your Distribution Business with Geosoft


Inventory Management

You can setup your inventory Warehouses and manage the Stock of your Items Batch wise or by Serial Numbers. Easily manage multiple inventory locations. Track inventory levels per warehouse and update based on manual inspection.

Sales and Purchase Management

You can track communication with your Leads or Customers. Keep engaging with them by sending newsletter once in a while and send specific Quotations when they are ready to order. Keep track of items to buy by raising Material Requests, send Purchase Orders to your suppliers and enter Purchase Receipts when you receive material.

Billing and Receivables

Billing and receivables tracking in Geosoft helps you stay on top of your finances. Specific Project, customer or product based filtering helps you get the profitability of each factor on your fingertip.

HR and Payroll Management

Your employees can apply for leaves and claim expenses directly through Geosoft. All of this is seamlessly integrated with your payroll and accounting. Geosoft also helps you manage recruiting, appraisals, training and much more.

Auto Re-ordering

When the stock goes below threshold quantity - Automatically raise material requests, send purchase orders to suppliers and record purchase receipts. Carry out effective stock management always have enough supply at hand.

Geosoft Also Includes:-

  • Role Based Access
  • Field Level Customization
  • Customized Print
  • Email Integration
  • Report Builder
  • Shared Calendar
  • Customer, Vendor Portal
  • Downloadable Backups
  • Payment Integration
  • Workflow Engine
  • Custom Fields
  • Extensible Custom Scripts
  • SMS Integration
  • Gantt and Kanban View
  • Email Alerts
  • Finance Analytic
  • Website and Web Forms
  • Mobile App

Trusted by more than 3000 companies across 150 countries.