GeoSOFT ERP for Trade Logistics

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GeoSOFT ERP has a strong presence in the Transportation industry. Our expertise spans the logistics value chain right from Pricing Analytic, Rate Management and Order Management to Fulfillment, Route Optimization, Warehouse Management, and Global Freight Forwarding. We also have strong partnerships with some of the leading solution players in the Transportation and Warehouse Management domain.


  • Courier, express parcel and postal services
  • Trucking / Road carriers
  • Rail roads
  • Shipping / Marine logistics
  • Logistics service providers (Third Party Logistics)

​ Services

  • Application Design and Maintenance
  • Packaged Application
  • Systems Integration​

The Trade Logistics industry encompasses all industries involving commodity circulation and relevant services that cater to multiple businesses such as wholesale, retail, catering, warehousing, transport, etc. Targeting this industry, we have developed a variety of solutions such as corporate HR management, third-party ERP consulting and implementation, trade logistics, industry purchase, sale, stock and logistics management, supplier relationship management (SRM) and customer relationship management (CRM). 

Customer Relationship Management-CRM

Focusing on the manufacturing and trade logistics industries, Geosoft integrates the scientific management philosophies of marketing into software systems through information technology, and offers a unique CRM system to meet the demand of the manufacturing and trade logistic industries for client asset management, thus helping businesses improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

HR Management System

Improving Business Performance through People

Geosoft has joined forces with Hewitt Associates in developing and delivering a wide range of HR systems based on the philosophy of "Improving Business Performance through People". These systems are tailored to meet the demand of Bangladesh's large- and medium- sized enterprises for upgrading their HR management information infrastructures. HR management system, has proven to be a powerful, easy-to-use tool for operational decision-making in a corporate environment. It is helping companies of all sizes efficiently upgrade their HR management from routine transactions to strategic planning.

ERP Consulting and Implementation

Geosoft has been active in the fields of ERP implementation and consulting services since 2008. Over the past 9+ years, we have provided optimized management solutions and ERP services covering implementation, consulting, operation and maintenance to domestic and overseas enterprise users. We also provide technical support by leveraging a seamless combination of rich project experience and mature industry solutions.

As the only Implementation partner of SAP, ERPNext in Bangladesh, as well as an Oracle, we operate and supported by an expert team of thirty's of senior consultants that delivers professional ERP services in multiple languages.

Geosoft Logistics Management System Solution

Efficient, accurate storage and logistics management

Focusing on coordination and balance between service, efficiency and cost, this solution helps businesses benefit from a consolidated workflow of business operations, logistics and capital flows by creating optimized systems at minimal total cost.