GeoSOFT Financial Account-FI

“Accounting is the language of business.”

GeoSOFT FI -solutions are advancing as more and more businesses look to adopt cloud based solutions and integrate their financial management and reporting activities. The Smarter SME Business Management Show will be showcasing specialist SME accounting partners and covering latest intelligence affecting the accounting landscape

Standard Chart of Accounts available in the system. Chart of Accounts can be customized or imported.

Geosoft FI Module Functions:

  1. Chart Of Accounts
  2. Updating Opening Balance in Accounts
  3. Sales Invoice
  4. Point of Sale Invoice
  5. Purchase Invoice
  6. Payments
  7. Journal Entry
  8. Payment Entry
  9. Multi-Currency Accounting
  10. Advance Payment Entry
  11. Payment Request
  12. Credit Limit
  13. Accounting Reports
  14. Accounting Entries
  15. Managing Fixed Assets
  16. Budgeting
  17. Item Wise Taxation
  18. Recurring Orders and Invoices
  19. Pricing Rule
  20. Tools
    1. Bank Reconciliation
    2. Payment Reconciliation
    3. Period Closing Voucher
    4. Payment Tool
  21. Setup
    1. Fiscal Year
    2. Cost Center
    3. Accounts Settings
    4. Tax Rule
  22. Others
    1. Tracking Project Profitability using Cost Center
    2. Changing Parent Account
    3. Difference Entry
    4. Fixing Fiscal Year Error
    5. Freeze Accounting Entries
    6. Manage Foreign Exchange Difference
    7. Managing Transactions In Multiple Currency
    8. Fiscal Year Creation
    9. Post Dated Cheque Entry
    10. Delivery from Sales Invoice
    11. Purchase Tax or Charges Categories
    12. Withdrawing Salary from Owner's Equity Account
    13. Adjust Withhold Amount in the Payment Entry
    14. C-Form
    15. How to Freeze Accounting Ledger?