GeoSOFT Digital Transformation

We enable you to focus your whole value chain for the best customer experience and operational performance by:

  • Creating a continued set of positive experiences, resulting in sustained higher share of wallet and lifetime value, and positive influences on other customers
  • Creating next-generation commerce systems that deliver better multi-channel customer experiences through personalization, advanced selling and customer engagement techniques.
  • Translating your strategies into operational processes and information technology systems that optimize business performance, delivering excellence in sales processes.
  • Improving the performance of marketing operations by developing systems and operations that result in better customer acquisition/conversion and more efficient use of marketing spend techniques.
  • Changing the culture of IT organizations and their business counterparts, to develop capabilities and planning approaches to improve performance and become more nimble
  • Helping you to develop, test and scale new capabilities to deliver new revenue streams and defend against disruption

Geosoft List of Service Offerings-

  • Customer Experience Management :
    We help clients create and enhance customer lifetime value, higher share of wallet, and bring about a continued set of positive experiences
  • Multi-Channel Commerce :
    We create next-gen commerce systems for better multi-channel customer experiences through personalization, advanced selling, and engagement techniques
  • Customer Relationship Management :
    We translate client strategies into operational processes and IT systems that optimize business performance to deliver sales process excellence
  • Digital Marketing :
    We help clients improve their marketing operations performance by developing systems and processes that result in better customer acquisition and conversion
  • ERP All in One :We help clients change their culture, development capabilities, and planning approaches to improve performance and become more nimble
  • New Business Models: We help clients develop, test, and scale new capabilities to deliver new revenue streams to defend themselves against disruptions


Customer Experience Management

Through this service we help our clients focus on their customers and improve their customers’ experiences across any and all touch points. We help our clients to improve their customers’ experience by considering how to:

  • Increase NPS /customer sentiment
  • Increase customer engagement and therefore loyalty and lifetime value
  • Increase customer acquisition / decrease the cost of acquisition
  • Delivering better self-service, call avoidance / deflection
  • Connecting technology projects with the brand promise rather than functionality

We adopt a holistic approach to designing a better customer experience through:

  • Top down, strategy-led thinking: This could include the redesign of the service to deliver on the brand / customer promise
  • Outside-in competitor and comparator analysis: We help our clients look beyond their normal competitor list
  • Inside-out: We help improve process performance to deliver both better experiences and the business case for project execution
  • Bottom-up: The design of customer touch points within and across channels to deliver the most appropriate experience

Our approach aims to bring your projects closer to the end customer through early stage customer research and design; project prioritization led by customer needs, and accelerated development. We use Design Thinking at the center of our approach.

Multi-channel commerce

In our experience, many companies suffer from high total cost of ownership due to constraints within legacy systems and multiple channel / customer engagement platforms. These companies need to adopt new or improved business operations e.g. marketplace or advanced delivery options. They also need agent / dealer support systems to be integrated with “owned” systems to deliver a connected / integrated multi-channel customer experiences.

We also support clients expanding internationally or reacting to competitive threats. We:

  • Advise businesses how to plan and execute the globalization / localization of systems, the international roll out of channels, and new fulfillment solutions
  • Support the ongoing support to international operations; our clients build upon our multi-channel expertise and our international reach
  • Advise clients how to respond to competitive pressures by deepening customer relationships through multi-channel commerce solutions

Our consultants are experts in multi-channel commerce in retail, banking, insurance, and manufacturing and will help you to:

  • Improve conversion rates and share of wallet
  • Reduce total cost of operations
  • Optimize supply chains and delivery systems
  • Increase revenue by reducing downtime
  • Improve operational efficiency through standardization while enabling a unified customer experience
  • Accelerate speed to market

Customer Relationship Management

One important CRM dimension is to analyze, understand, and utilize current trends to take advantage of new technologies and strengthen the relationship with your customers as an ideal partner.

There are various challenges today’s enterprises are confronted with:

  • Customer focused strategies
  • Cloud CRM solutions moving into the market
  • Globalization trend is forcing sales efficiency
  • New technologies that are enabling new processes
  • Shift from product to customer-oriented enterprises

To realize the full benefits of CRM and gain competitive advantage, companies must understand how to link these three areas with trends and new technology.

Through our CRM services, we help our clients achieve:

  • Improved customer insights
  • Integrated system architecture
  • Increased sales performance
  • Efficient service processes
  • Reduced IT infrastructure spend
  • Reduced costs for sales and servicing

Digital Marketing

Management of marketing content is becoming increasingly complex as content is used on many owned and syndicated platforms. Digital content is used in stores, email, digital channels, social channels, content delivered to call center operators, and content published on third-party properties. The challenge of creating, managing, distributing and measuring the effectiveness of content is also increasing in complexity. As we drive towards a 1:1 relationship with customers and extend the use of rich content, the challenge is increasing exponentially.

Our clients ask us to support the increased complexity of modern marketing while reducing operating and system costs and the cost of content production. Our services are focused on the delivery of modern campaign and content management solutions that will:

  • Deliver better customer engagement solutions
  • Improve the management and distribution of personalized content
  • Deliver up-to-date content management and targeting systems
  • Deliver a unified marketing measurement solution
  • Lower the cost of ownership

ERP All in One

For most companies, a faster reaction in the market is critical. Many have tried GeoSOFT approaches but cultural barriers remain that have meant that the promise of better approaches have failed to materialize. Such barriers are preventing change within our clients’ technology services organization. Our ERP services are designed to breakdown cultural barriers, equip colleagues to think and operate differently, and help you rework organizational structures. In practice, we tend to work on these changes incrementally and in parallel, using key projects as vehicles for change.

Our accelerated techniques include:

  • Design Thinking workshops to set direction
  • Catalyst teams to prototype ideas and take them to market very rapidly
  • Design factories to develop design and test concepts
  • Change management consulting to help people to change
  • Large-scale Design Thinking training to develop creative confidence within the IT organization and to bring together business, IT and operational teams around a new customer-centric agenda
  • New working methods and product development approaches

We have delivered the following measurable results for our clients:

  • Supporting their business and planning capabilities to experience fewer cost over-runs and less write-offs
  • Reducing release cycles from six months down to five weeks
  • Realizing 50% more features for the same effort
  • Reducing 75% of support costs
  • Achieving 0% performance defects in digital assets

New Business Models

Almost every industry is facing fundamental changes, whether through threats from Internet-based industry startups, market entry from dominant players or simply the constant acceleration of customer expectations. In extreme cases, the business models of existing players are being rendered redundant. Many of these challenges are being fueled through new technologies. Owing to these challenges, organizations are reassessing whether incremental change is sufficient. We believe that many organizations must seek out ideas for disruptive change where they can reinvent their business models before others do it for them.

Our consulting services and technologies are organized to help. We have developed data management, business models, and customer engagement / advisory capabilities to enable you to develop and create new capabilities around emerging business models. Some of these include:

  • Connected devices: New car services, usage-based insurance, wearable devices, connected life, connected healthcare etc.
  • Banking: Free payment services, advisory services, your banking, banking utilities
  • Retail: Market places, new delivery, and order management options
  • Services: New customer service models

We understand market and channel dynamics, operations and technology to execute. We are ready to generate innovations also in a co-creation and investment model. In particular, we help our clients to:

  • Generate new revenue streams from data or cloud services
  • Model cannibalization effects and competitive threats
  • Deliver new products and services to existing customers
  • Support you with rapid development approaches to enable you to meet the threat.