Create Your Website with WordPress

WordPress training is aimed at business man or personals who want to get their identity online with a low cost professional content management solution. The workshop starts by getting everyone access to a newly created WordPress installation. This will be your blank canvas to work on. We will look at the extensive WordPress interface and how it can be used to very easily customize your own website.

Finally, we look at the procedures required to backup and restore your WordPress website. This is one of the most important parts of managing your own website, so we will make sure that you know what to do if or when something does go wrong.

At the end of this course, participants would be able to–

  • Getting Started - Installation and Upgrades
  • Configuring your WordPress site 
  • Uploading and maintaining the right content 
  • Blogging with WordPress 
  • Maintain WordPress Administration 
  • Detailed WordPress Theme Overview 
  • Modifying a WordPress Theme: Getting started 
  • Use Plug-ins 
  • Manage Security and Login 
  • Using Menus 
  • WordPress Theme Compatibility and Upgrades

 Contents of Training:

 Session 01 - Getting Started - Installation and Upgrades 
• WordPress in five minutes 
• Upgrading WordPress 
• New features of WordPress 
• Best Practices for upgrading WordPress 
• Importing and exporting data

Session 02 - Configuring your WordPress site 
• General settings 
• Discussion settings 
• Permalink settings 
• Privacy settings 
• Reading settings 
• Writing settings 
• Miscellaneous settings

Session 03 - Uploading and maintaining the right content 
• New features in WordPress 
• Creating content: Posts vs. Pages 
• How to write a Page in WordPress 
• WordPress categories explained 
• Using the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) 
• Managing Pages 
• Managing WordPress Tags 
• Managing your WordPress Media Library 
• Updating your WordPress Profile

Session 04 - Blogging with WordPress 
• Writing a Post 
• Managing Posts 
• Managing comments

Session 05 - Make sure your customers find your site 
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
• Making your content search-engine friendly 
• Installing analytics to deliver accountability and insight 
• Adding Facebook and Twitter buttons

Session 06 - WordPress Administration 
• Best Practices for upgrading WordPress 
• Managing WordPress users 
• Permission levels and log-ins 
• WordPress User Roles explained 
• Managing files 
• The WordPress Dashboard

Session 07 - Detailed WordPress Theme Overview 
• Anatomy of a WordPress Theme 
• How Themes work 
• Template files 
• Typical Template files/folders included in a Theme

Session 08 - Modifying a WordPress Theme: Getting started 
• Choosing a WordPress Theme to modify 
• Category Templates 
• The Template Hierarchy

Session 09 - Plug-ins 
• Understanding what to look for in plug-ins 
• How to view plug-in files with the editor and read the TXT files for instructions 
• Downloading and activating plug-ins 
• De-activating and deleting plug-ins

Session 10 - Security and Login 
• Admin roles and permissions 
• Security with WordPress

Session 11 - Menus 
• Creating custom menus

Session 12 - WordPress Theme Compatibility and Upgrades 
• Upgrading a WordPress Theme 
• Theme compatibility with WordPress Upgrades 
• Theme compatibility with Plug-in