GeoSOFT ERP for Airlines/Aviation Industry

Geosoft aviation ERP is a completely WEB-based Enterprise resource planning System which integrates internal and external management information across an entire aviation company, designed to cover all operational needs embracing Operations, Sales and Services, Brokerage, Revenue/Cost/Profitability, Customer Relations Management, Finance/Accounting, HR, MRO, Compliancy, Documentation Control, Online Services and other.


Geosoft Framework distinguishes:

  • Multi-window tabbed interface
  • IATA/ICAO codes operation
  • Metric and Imperial units operation
  • Advanced User Access Policies and Groups
  • Company Branches Management
  • User Customization Main Menu
  • Limit user access to IP
    • Flight Movements Updates
    • Requests Processing
    • On-line Tack and Trace
    • On-line Cargo Booking
    • On-line Customer Access for Statements, history of operations

 Benefits and possibilities

  • On-line integrated system that operates in real time
  • Access to actual information in one centralized database from any place in the world
  • Improve Customer Services, Support and Communication, Increase productivity
  • Up-to-date management reports and data for analysis, automated documentation
  • Source for tactical and strategic planning
  • Fully based on specific modules
  • Can be configured, developed and implemented to handle all specific requirements
  • Cost saving (reduced communication costs, does not require any additional cost for each User Set-up, etc.)

 Key features

  • Completely Web-based on-line solution.
  • Fully customization for any Customer needs.
  • Great scalability with modular structure.
  • Covering all operation process.
  • Allows Operators and Agents to fully operate outside main office from any place and any time.
  • Great tool for Customers as source of information to them about their cargo, booking, statements, making quotations, tracing cargo, reports and etc.
  • High performance of work.
  • Fully covering reports and printing forms in different formats (Excel, PDF, Text, HTML, XML, etc.).
  • Can be accessed from any place in the world which has Internet connection
  • Reliable application with full security, personal rights management on Users and User Groups.
  • Automatic back-up of all data for additional security of operational data.
  • Ability for import – export of data with Company’s Accounting systems
  • Connection to Company’s Web site for public access data (like AWB tracing, Schedule, Booking, Quotations, Queries etc.)
  • Possibility of data import from different sources.


  • System to provide an integrated real-time view of core business processes, accessible from any place in the world
  • User friendly, fully customization to Customer's business processes
  • Developed in tight cooperation with aviation professionals
  • Facilitates information flow between all business functions, departments and regional offices with advanced groups and permissions control
  • Up-to-date management reports and data for analysis, automated documentation
  • Powerful CRM, informational database, source for tactical and strategic planning
  • Solution to track business resources, improve customer services, support and communication, increase productivity
  • Support of Multi-Company (Branches) configuration within one database
  • Flexible connectivity to other systems and applications for data exchange.

Product description

 Aircraft availability & brokering

  • Aircraft availability system
  • Automated ad-hoc charter sales
  • Empty leg control

Crew Management

  • Bidding system (roster, training, off, vacation)
  • Centralized manpower planning
  • Crew assignment
  • Crew control and tracking
  • Crew duty roster
  • Crew licenses
  • Crew medical exams
  • Crew pay calculation
  • Crew pays reporting
  • Crew qualifications
  • Crew web portal (or kiosk terminal)
  • Duty regulations
  • Statistics and reports (crew management)

Customer Relationship & Loyalty

  • Customer contact center
  • Customer relationship management
  • Reporting module (customer & loyalty)

Finance and Accounting

  • Accounting management
  • Accounting reporting
  • Automatic data capture
  • Charter invoice management
  • Contract management
  • Credit card sales
  • Financial reporting
  • Invoice processing

Fleet Management

  • Fleet assigning

Flight Operations Control

  • Aircraft position (real-time)
  • Aircraft rotations
  • Airport directory
  • Automatic handling requests
  • Automatic OPS messaging (MVT, LDM...)
  • Flight status
  • Messaging system
  • Report generator (operations)
  • Statistics and reports (operations)
  • Surface weather (SA, FC, FT, WS)

Freight/Cargo Management

  • Cargo e-Booking by AWB
  • Debit/credit limitation
  • Flight schedule and availability control (cargo)
  • Flights management and revenue profile
  • Rates/special rates management
  • Shipment data
  • Tracking and tracing functions

Fuel Management

  • Fueling reports


  • Components tracking
  • Loans, borrows, exchanges
  • Maintenance control
  • Maintenance program
  • Part logistics
  • Technical inventory management

Planning & Scheduling

  • Charter planning

Revenue Management

  • Charter revenue
  • Direct operating costs
  • Flight costs

Document Management

Reporting tools

Reservations & Distribution

Safety management