GeoSOFT ERP for School/College/University

To benefit from multi-layered innovative and open digital campus


Geosoft Education ERP is a unified School, College and University management System in Bangladesh with comprehensive solutions. Geosoft Education ERP can manage their entire end-to-end operations with a single, flexible and powerful business application that integrates accounting, financial, Human Resource, Inventory, Student relationship management (SRM), Parent Relationship Management (PRM), Library, Transport, Hostel and Campus Management System. It is a simple yet powerful one point integrated platform that connects all the departments or branches of any institution.

Modern Students, Modern Challenges

The global education landscape is changing. Competition for students is rising and new forms of learning everything from certificates and badges to MooCs and virtual schools are disrupting the traditional models of education and helping to provide students with 21st century skills. They live in an always-on world where technology is a part of everything they do.  In fact, soon there will be more virtual students than students learning in physical classrooms. Digital technology is seen as one of the approaches to better engage students in the ownership and options for their learning and also addressing the challenging statistics on student outcomes today.

 Key Benefits

  • Facilitates centralized data repository
  • Since application covers daily routine work there is no redundancy of Data Entry
  • Works on Offline and online data synchronization
  • The Database is never in direct access to the general user therefore helps in reducing data theft and accidental damage to data
  • Mobile Enables
  • Exporting of reports to MS-Word, MS-Excel, PDF documents
  • The ERP can be integrated with Smart cards, Bio-metric readers technology
  • Extremely secure, login authenticated system
  • Accelerating and expand communications with email reports
  • Integrates key functions of finance, payroll and fee collection
  • Single student database for school administration, library and fee collection
  • Single employee database for school administration, library and payroll

Benefit to Management

  • Gets complete control over Finances of the school including income and expenditure details
  • Gets all the data in one place and helps in decision making
  • Can monitor the growth of the School both financially as well as in terms of academics
  • Can access inventory (stock) details of the School including purchases
  • Can seamlessly communicate with all the students and staff of the institution
  • Can obtain customized reports with statistics
  • Easy access to view all the records at a go
  • Minimization of redundant activities
  • Instant View of MIS report on different parameters
  • Provide Single point of integration and control from Academics to Administrative.

Benefit to Administration/office staff & Teachers

  • Can automate fee collection, accept payments online, generate quick reports
  • Can administrate and generate payroll accounting & attendance details
  • Can contact students, staff, management effortlessly
  • Can initiate timely correspondence to other departments
  • Can handle day to day activities like time table generation in a click of a button thus saving a great deal of time
  • Simplifies handling of students records in terms of student’s attendance in class, examination cum test activities, etc.
  • Facilitates easy handling to class schedules, time table and question paper planning.
  • Get online access to the system from home or from office.
  • Easy access to vital information at one click.
  • Can craft lesson as per school’s requirements
  • Can generate student reports by a click of a button

 Benefit to Students & Parents

  • Easy access to online information like school calendar, homework, announcements etc.
  • Can access lessons, submit homework, tests and projects on-line
  • Can track attendance, fees dues, notices, events & schedules etc.
  • Get easy access about the performance, attendance and fees due of their ward
  • Can easily communicate with teachers, principal & administrative staff
  • Can access results of wards for various examinations

Features of GeoSOFT Education ERP:

  1. Student Portal
  2. Parent Portal
  3. Teacher Portal
  4. Financial Management
  5. Human Capital Management
  6. Inventory Management
  7. Student Management
  8. Parent Management
  9. Teacher Management
  10. Course/Batch Management
  11. Fees Management
  12. Admissions Management
  13. Examination and Result Management
  14. Student Attendance Management
  15. Timetable Management
  16. Event Management
  17. Hostel Management
  18. Transport Management
  19. Library Management
  20. Campus Management
  21. SMS System
    • Messages
    • Notes
    • Calendar
    • Assignment
    • Tags
    • Collaborating Around Forms
    • Collaboration Tools