GeoSOFT ERP for Pharmaceutical Industry

The Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industry is battling patent cliffs, falling R&D productivity, increased regulations, cost pressures, price-sensitive markets and industry consolidation. Organizations are facing the dual challenge of identifying the right, ‘future-proofed’ business model while addressing the operational demands of the day.



  • Improve revenues and drive process efficiencies
  • Ensure quality, compliance and foster innovation
  • Achieve lower costs with higher productivity by focusing on process improvement


  • Global supply chain:Implementing ERP applications, PLM tools, enterprise compliance management apps, lab-automation apps, controlled records management solutions and application decommissioning services in a validated environment
  • Innovative service delivery 'Factory Model':Addressing all IT, BPO and infrastructure challenges across R&D, commercial, marketing, manufacturing & supply chain and post-market Life Sciences value chains
  • Regulatory compliance:FDA, HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11, SoX, ISO standards and independent verification and validation
  • Regulated Offshore Development Center framework:That ensures FDA / EMEA and GxP compliant processes
  • Social, Mobility, Analytic, Cloud powered offerings


  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain
  • Research and development
  • Risk, safety and compliance
  • Sales and marketing


  • Oracle solutions
  • SAP solutions

We have software for every aspect of your Pharmaceutical and Life Science business

Collaborative R&D

  • Project and Portfolio Management
  • Personalized Medicine and Real-World Evidence
  • Design and Development
  • Environment, Health, and Safety
  • Corporate Sustainability

Strategic Sourcing and Procurement

  • Collaborative Sourcing and Contract Management
  • Travel and Expense Management
  • Invoice Management and Accounts Payable

Demand-Driven Supply Networks

  • Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning
  • Demand Management
  • Demand Network
  • Response and Supply Management
  • Response Network
  • Warehouse Management

Compliant Manufacturing

  • Bio-pharmaceutical Manufacturing and LIMS
  • Medical Device Manufacturing and Quality Management
  • Maintenance and Calibration
  • Maintenance Network
  • Manufacturing and Batch Traceability Network
  • Serialization and Logistics Network

Multi-channel Sales, Marketing, and Service

  • Real-Time Customer Insights
  • Marketing with Speed and Agility
  • Collaborative Sales Force Automation
  • Omni channel Commerce
  • Omni channel Customer Service
  • Efficient Field Service Management

Human Resources

  • Solutions for HR


  • Solutions for Finance

Procurement Excellence

  • Solutions for Procurement Excellence

Platform and Technology

  • Solutions for Platform and Technology