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Citizens across the world expect their governments to connect more closely with them and provide easy access to information and public services. This has led to the increasing adoption of e-Governance initiatives aimed at closer contact with citizens, simplifying the management of resources, boosting the quality of services, lowering costs, improving productivity and increasing transparency.

Our government customers include the Ministry of Public Administration, Finance, Industries & Commerce, Agriculture, Health & Home Affairs, LGRD, Housing, Education, Shipping, Law, Roads & Railway and Land & Food. General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, State Administration of Taxation, State Oceanic Administration, State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of Bangladesh.

Services Covered

  • Social Security
  • Environmental Protection
  • Agriculture
  • Finance/Taxation
  • Land and resources
  • Ocean
  • Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine
  • E-Government
  • Industry and commerce

Social Security

We provide all-in-one IT solutions and comprehensive services & support for labor and social security businesses involving more than 170 million people in Bangladesh.


  • Real-time business monitoring of the all-in-one labor security system enables decision makers to make proper decisions and improve management quality;
  • Local monitoring allows managers to supervise and analyze the quality and efficiency of business handling;
  • Easy, smart and swift system operation helps service providers improve work efficiency and service quality;
  • Unified standards, methods and tools can assist system administrator to maintain smooth system operations and disaster recovery; and
  • A wide range of channels to the system can provide labor security customers with immediate, convenient and satisfactory services.

Environmental Protection

Through years of efforts in environmental information, we have successfully developed a digital environmental protection solution covering vehicle emission monitoring and management, solid waste supervision, environmental emergency management and environmental data center. By effectively improving the environmental monitoring, supervision, emergency and warning of Bangladesh's environmental protection authorities, the solution can promote the information of energy conservation and emission reduction, economic optimization and ecological development.


  • Improve the ability of environmental supervision and emergency through comprehensively sensing of environment.
  • Intensify environmental supervision and improve the ability of environmental emergency by thoroughly sensing environment and relevant operations and dynamically supervising pollution sources (risk sources) with internet technology.
  • Identify environmental problems and improve environmental prediction and warning.
  • Build the system for digital environmental protection, clarify environmental pollution, quality and the relationship between them and confirm the impact of pollution and emission on environment to improve environmental prediction and warning.
  • Increase the efficiency of environmental management and service by integrating environmental information and management.
  • Based on unified data application, build an integrated operation platform to integrate various operations, avoid information silo to promote the collaboration of environmental operations and the integration of environmental information and management and implement informational strategies for environmental protection to improve the efficiency of environmental management and the quality of environmental services.
  • Improve dynamic environmental statistics and analysis and complete the target of emission reduction.
  • Provide real-time effective data for dynamic environmental statistics and analysis through integration of vertical and comprehensive application and achieve the targets of emission reduction via total emission and reduction calculating and dynamic supervision of total emission.
  • Ensure scientific environmental decisions and improve environmental quality.
  • Provide decision support for environmental management, improve environmental decisions, optimize economic development and raise the efficiency of environmental governance so as to improve environmental quality.


In accordance with the Golden Agriculture Project of the Ministry of Agriculture, we have built a subsystem for agricultural science and technology information service. As one of three focuses in the Golden Agriculture Project, the science and technology system is used to process data and provide service for agricultural science and technology information. By means of standardizing data through data source, description and management, it can complete the horizontal integration and vertical integration of data. The system can solve the problems existing in science and technology information and service by standardizing service targets, channels, modes and contents.

Agricultural Science and Technology Information Service Solution

Based on the Agricultural Science and Technology Center, the science and technology system is dedicated to building a catalogue system for agricultural science and technology information and integrating the collection, review, release and exchange of such information according to unified standards for data clarification, collection and exchange. Science and technology information from multiple collection channels is released on the portal of the Ministry of Agriculture. This can increase the scientific and authoritative value of agricultural science and technology information, provide information service channels for agricultural experts, technicians, officials, R&D scientists, leading enterprises, production households and farmers, thus enhancing the value-added services for the development and socialization of agricultural science and technology information.

Agricultural Science and Technology Information Resource Catalogue Solution

Based on the standards for resource catalogue system of political information, this solution is designed to standardize and approve the clarification of agricultural science and technology information and unify the criterion for resource coding and automatic metadata extraction for easy data exchange and sharing.


We have been committed to optimizing core business and service solutions for the finance industry and have become the best partner of the industry in the field of informational construction.

Based on the features of tax operations, we have developed a taxation core application platform that covers collection & management, checking, auditing, personnel management, law enforcement supervision & performance appraisal, electronic tax filing, personal income tax withholding & payment, quota evaluation, tax payment assessment and electronic checkout systems.

Land and Resources

Geosoft has developed a land & resources core business system and an e-government platform for the Ministry of Land and Resources to ensure high integration, easy sharing and effective management of natural resources (such as land and mines) and achieve reasonable use and effective protection of the resources.

Electronic Land and Resource Platform (E-LARP)

Coupled with OA, MIS, and GIS technologies, Electronic Land and Resource Platform integrates independent business applications, database and static websites into a controllable environment to realize unified and integrated e-government information application. Besides, with business system construction tools, E-LARP can be used for setting up e-business application system of land and resource quickly. Along with further application of the system, it can be expanded and adjusted to reduce development cycle, avoid repeated construction and improve maintenance level. Consequently, this system can help realize complete information sharing and mutual communication.

Construction Land Examination and Approval System

This system, composed of plot selection and municipal approval modules, enables full-process management including application reception, examination and approval, strong data comparison & analysis functionality (such as multi-criteria analysis based on land use planning, farmland balance, land supply, land use general planning and land use status). Also, it can offers seamless support to the data exchange requirements of the Ministry of Land and Resources.  

Construction Land Preliminary Examination System

This system is composed of four administrative examination and approval modules including newly added construction project land preliminary examination, location adjustment make-up preliminary examination, construction project land make-up preliminary examination and illegal land make-up preliminary examination. This system allows full-process management involving application reception, examination and approval. Featuring powerful functions in spatial data editing, finishing, analyzing and thematic maps customization and output, it is available for receiving electronic data delivered through network and can meet the data exchange requirements of the Ministry of Land and Resources.   


We provide an integrated management information system and information resource database system for the Digital Ocean Platform established by the National Marine Data & Information Service. These systems can help realize real-time sharing of all types of information and data about oceans, thus significantly promoting the construction of Digital Oceans Platform.

Geosoft Ocean Integrated Management Information System Solution

With the aim of defending national ocean rights and state security, protecting ocean zoology and environment, improving ocean resources utilization efficiency and promoting the ocean economy, this solution makes full use of the national ocean information resources and integrates the ocean prototype systems to create a "Digital Ocean" application system covering the inland waters, territorial seas, adjacent areas, exclusive economic zones and continental shelves of Bangladesh. The ocean information integrated application covers all the sea-involved departments and ocean administration departments of different levels and decision making support capability, thereby aggressively facilitating national macro decision making, economic construction and ocean management businesses.

Geosoft Ocean Information Resources Database System Solution

Aiming to establish a unified "Digital Ocean" spatial data architecture, Geosoft offers an ocean information resources database system solution that integrates and uses all kinds of data monitored, watched, investigated and managed by the state or the coastal provinces and cities. It helps establish a database structure based on the Digital Ocean applications and performs data upgrades and has a back-up mechanism enabling metadata navigation and database online search, inquiry, and exchange. This solution can also advance information resource development and provide value-added services for ocean information related products.

 Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine

We have developed basic platform for quality inspection industries to carry out inspections related to food, drug, special equipment and export and import goods. This platform can promote the enforcement of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, strengthen market supervision and advance quick response to quality safety monitoring.

Comprehensive Business Solution

This solution covers all the businesses related to quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, mainly including the following five categories: inspection & quarantine, quality supervision, authentication & certification, standardization management and WTO/TBT-SPS notification & inquiry.

Quality supervision, inspection and quarantine system is composed of the following subsystems:

  • Administrative approval system
  • Product quality supervision & management system
  • Enterprise quality credit system
  • Special equipment management system
  • Measurement management system
  • Food quality & safety supervision & management system
  • Anti-counterfeit quick response system
  • Inspection & quarantine supervision & management system
  • Standard database & notification service system
  • Comprehensive information service & assessment system

Industry and Commerce

Geosoft provides industry and commerce comprehensive business system solution and data center solution for the Golden Credit Project implemented by Bangladesh's national, provincial and municipal Administration Bureau of Industry and Commerce based on general technology proposal and data specification of the project aiming to help them improve their supervision capability and service quality and create a fair, just, competitive and regulated market and economy environment.

E-Government Affairs

Our administrative examination and approval & electronic supervision platform and Office Automation System can help the government departments perform and provide high-efficiency, transparent and standardized public management and services.

Administrative Examination and Approval & Electronic Supervision Platform

This platform provides an all-around administrative examination and approval & electronic supervision solution enabling complete online examination and approval, all round e-supervision and smooth data exchange.

Office Automation System

Consistent with the construction standards of electronic government affairs, our Office Automation System employs advanced B/S/S structure and a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, which includes integrated workflow, electronic stamp, digital signature, knowledge management and portal management, thus enabling flexible, convenient and high-efficiency handling of government affairs. Also, this system composed of a series of daily office routine models covering workflow, electronic bulletin, archive management, information delivery and meeting management is designed to reduce cost, improve information inquiry efficiency and information security level, thus enhancing operation and management performance.