GeoSOFT ERP for Travel and Tourism

Geosoft ERP is management software for tour-operators. System can be accessed from anywhere through the online module (towards resellers) and through XML (towards web sites, that is end customers). Through the external supplier’s module, an online connection can be implemented with any tour-operator that offers such links.

The production module allows you to manage a wide range of travel services:

  • Individual accommodation (On request, Allotment, Guarantees)
  • Transportation (coaches and charters)
  • Insurance policies
  • Travel packages
  • Special offers

Features of Module Functions:

Package Module

The system allows you to add complex offers for charters, packages for preset or variable number of days, included, mandatory or optional services.

Booking Management

Bookings can be printed. They can be reimbursed or their status can be changed.

Online Module

This module allows resellers to connect.

Transportation Module

Filling in, searching and booking transportation services by coach or plane.

Hotels-Prices Module

Allows you to fill in offers, prices, discounts and supplements. Can be linked with a web site so that you won’t have to add offers twice. It can automatically generate price tables.

Allotment Module

Allows you to see the vacant rooms for each hotel. You can search by hotel, place or country.

Special Offers Module

Allows you to add and manage special offers from suppliers or hotel keepers.

Documents Module

Automatically generates contracts, invoices and pro forma invoices

XML Module

This module allows you to export all data in XML format so that they can be integrated by any web site. You can also use an e-payment system with immediate booking confirmation.

Client Records

The CRM lets you manage contact information, orders’ value and customer lifetime value.

Reports Module

Graphical and numeric reports for receipts, invoices, billing, booking and profit.