GeoSOFT Manufacturing ERP

"Geosoft Manufacturing" module in helps you to maintain multi-level Bill of Materials (BOMs) for your Items. It helps in product costing, production planning, creating production orders for your manufacturing shop floors and planning inventory by getting your material requirement via BOMs (also called Material Requirements Planning MRP).

"Geosoft Manufacturing"- Module Functions:

  1. Introduction
  2. Bill Of Materials
  3. Production Order
  4. Workstation
  5. Operation
  6. Subcontracting
  7. Tools
    1. Production Planning Tool
    2. BOM Replace Tool
  8. Setup
    1. Manufacturing Settings
  9. Others
    1. Nested BOM Structure
    2. Production Planning & Sub-assembly
    3. Valuation Based On in BOM

“GeoSOFT Manufacturing”- improves core proficiency such as:

  • Managing inventory level according to demand and cost – Keeping your finished goods inventory at minimum level. This will help you in decision making: what to manufacture, when to manufacture and what will be the quantity.
  • A perfect and accurate quotation module to keep cost under control – It’s a wise decision to calculate the equilibrium cost, actual cost and the profit in the quotation level. And automatically will suggest you the most eligible supplier.
  • Define bills of material (BOM) – You will get an accurate bill of material. No matter is it single-level bills or complex bill with multiple unit of measurement.
  • Calculating lead and elapsed time by analyzing order quantity – Ensure the proper estimation of lead time or elapsed time and assists in the optimization of production order quantity.
  • Planning and scheduling – Planning module includes features like forecasting, master planning, material requirements planning and capacity planning. You will be able to make a proper schedule and re-schedule your plan if needed.
  • Work-in-Progress planning – Track actual vs. estimated labor hours and material usage and scrap.
  • Integration with production machine – Our system offers integration facilities with different kinds of production machine or any other devices for data collection.
  • Cost control and tracking – System is capable of tracking almost everything from the production process. ERP provides you expected vs. actual scenario of various cost head like working hours and cost, product cost, fixed cost, overhead cost, material cost, R&D cost, external cost and profitability in the real time.
  • Performing “What-if” modeling – ERP includes the facility to model the what-if material, labor and manufacturing route cost. Also evaluates the job cost performance, analyze the profit margin and the pricing with the full visibility of cost.