GeoSOFT Insights and Analytic

Our focus is to enable you to get the best business value from data by:

  • Helping you to define the information strategy that is needed to properly utilize existing data from various internal and external sources
  • Ensuring that data management and governance structures are established in an efficient and sustainable way
  • Utilizing real-time predictive analytic for accelerated decision making
  • Defining a content management approach that enables you to make use of unstructured data

Geosoft List of Service Offerings-

  • Information strategy and governance :
    Developing an information strategy to help the organization to utilize data and insights for decision making processes, accompanied by streamlining governance structures and procedures.
  • Master data management :
    Ensuring one version of accurate master data for business-critical entities, such as products, customers, vendors, employees and locations to support core business processes and enable accurate reporting.
  • Business analytic and big data :
    Helping companies manage their business processes using real-time predictive analytic based on dynamic business analytic technologies.
  • Content management :
    Enabling you to properly manage and make use of unstructured data to ensure all value-adding insights can be used to optimize and steer your business processes.

Information Strategy and Governance

More and more companies recognize the increasing value of data and insights within the organization and also along the value chain. Alignment of the information strategy to this recognition is therefore a key first step to realize the appropriate value.

Geosoft Consulting supports you in defining a holistic strategy, incorporating data, analytic and content, as well as the different elements of a strategy such as directions, organization, governance, processes and technology.

Services we offer are:

  • Overall information strategy
  • Information architecture strategy
  • BI strategy, governance and organization

Master Data Management

One version of accurate master data for entities such as products, customers, vendors, employees and locations is critical to run core business processes. Accurate product and customer data ensures that the right products are shipped to the right location for the customer. Holistic understanding of customer preferences enables marketing campaigns that are tailored to the customer’s needs. Geosoft Consulting provides a holistic service offering from strategy to implementation, as well as advice on running master data management programs internally or externally.

Services we offer are:

  • Master data management strategy: Identify the business case, create a roadmap, change the management and communication strategy
  • Master data quality services
  • Master data governance and organization
  • Master data management tool implementation
  • Master data migration and data virtualization

Business Analytic and Big Data

Well-run companies manage their business processes using real-time predictive analytic based on dynamic business analytic technologies. Perfectly coordinated and flexible business analytic processes enable enterprises to discover market potentials, improve their business accordingly, and react quickly to market demands. Using the increasing volumes of internal and external data effectively can lead to significant company benefits and higher predictability for the business. Effective use of big data will drive new offerings in the market, better analysis of customer behavior, operations, internal and external business drivers, and opinions.

Geosoft Consulting offers holistic services by combining industry, process and technology strength, in order to transform data into decisions; teaming with leading application providers (like SAP, Oracle, ERPNext and others) as well as using internal tools such as the Geosoft information platform.

Services we offer are:

  • In-memory solutions (HANA)
  • BI/analytic and big data strategies as components of the overall information strategy
  • BI and advanced analytic
  • Performance management
  • Data visualization and mobile analytic
  • Big data proof of concepts and implementations

Content Management

Besides structured data, the management of unstructured data provides valuable insights in business processes. Document management and other ways to capture unstructured data are therefore an increasing attention area for companies. Geosoft Consulting supports the strategy, processes, collaboration, implementation, and integration of the solutions into the overall technology and business operations of companies.

Services we offer are:

  • Content management strategy as part of the overall information strategy
  • Governance and process setup
  • Tool implementation