GeoSOFT Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications should enable you to design, implement, and operate the core processes that ensure your business achieves optimal success. They should be agile enough to meet today’s changing demands, robust enough to sustain business critical processes and standardized enough to leverage your scale and give you predictable operational costs.

Our offerings include Enterprise Application-enabled business transformation programs, the design and implementation of Oracle and SAP solutions and ensuring that SAP operations use the best tools and services to provide a reliable level of quality and a predictable level of cost.

Geosoft List of Service Offerings

  • Oracle-enabled business transformation
  • SAP template design and implementation
  • SAP S/4 HANA
  • SAP (and associated applications) implementation
  • SAP operational excellence
  • SAP technical services

Geosoft Oracle-enabled business transformation

Known for our deep industry and product expertise, Geosoft drives standardization and accurate reporting using its global design processes. We help companies shift their focus from transaction processing and data discrepancies to making more informed decisions. This approach allows them to get the most return on their ERP investments.

The challenges that some of our customers face include:

  • Stagnant ERP spend
  • ERP viewed as a commodity rather than a strategic advantage
  • Slow to enhance ERP installations
  • Demand for fast and meaningful analytic
  • Technology direction – hosted or cloud?
  • Identifying opportunities for our customers
  • Upgrade to latest versions of the ERP system
  • Migrate to Fusion for Oracle customers

Our extensive set of offerings includes:

  • ERP-enabled transformation using Oracle
  • Program management and governance
  • Sales transformation
  • Finance transformation
  • HR transformation
  • Supply chain transformation
  • Managed services
  • Billing transformation
  • Process simplification and upgrade of existing Oracle EBS or PeopleSoft applications
  • Enterprise performance management enabled by Hyperion
  • Finance analytics implementation enabled by OBIEE / OBIA
  • Oracle Fusion Finance and HCM implementation

Geosoft SAP S/4 HANA

GeoSOFT has deep experience and knowledge in HANA strategy, technical architecture, and business process optimizations combined with best practices to build HANA capabilities within your organization.

Business drivers for HANA

  • Less overheads, higher compression rates, and reduction of complexity in DBMS (simplified data models)
  • Faster speed leads to less time and energy consumption per business processes, reduction of aggregations and storage of identical data sets in different places (no reconciliations)
  • Easier development of new business process designs
  • Simplified infrastructure and therefore reduction in TCO for IT
  • Multi-tenant and cloud adaptability
  • State-of-the-art user experience with SAP Fiori

Service Offering

  • HANA advisory and center of excellence services – from strategy, design, training, and sourcing to delivery in all areas of the HANA journey
  • Platform services for HANA – evaluate/configure state-of-the-art architecture landscape design, migrations and data center set up – cloud, on-premise or hybrid
  • Defining reporting and analytic solutions with a consistent KPI framework for corporate and operational management on a global/local level
  • Business solutions and business suite for HANA (S/4) - reviewing and alignment of business solutions and custom apps with best practices on financials, procurement, sales, marketing, IT, human resources, and operations

Geosoft Implementation of SAP and associated solutions

New technologies have the potential to create an accelerated business value through a network approach. This can be realized by renewing the application landscape - by deploying latest releases of the ERP core - to enable new functionalities, as well as by adding new capabilities by extending the existing application landscape through new solutions that target specific business functions where the existing or renewed ERP core falls short.

Our offerings around the implementation of SAP and associated solutions support our clients in the following areas:

  • SAP Simple Finance: We have worked with Simple Finance on HANA, in partnership with our clients and SAP, since before its release. With our expertise in financial management and our in-depth knowledge of SAP, we can quickly identify what this technology can do for your organization.
  • SAP ECC upgrades and interface optimization: Utilizing new functionalities in latest SAP ECC releases, bringing capabilities back to standard from often, highly customized solutions in earlier releases as well as optimizing integration layers to interfaced applications.
  • Simple Logistics, SAP S&OP on HANA, SAP IBP: We recognize that traditional perspectives on supply chain are not always adequate to address today’s challenges. Deploying new technologies based on in-memory computing enables fast decision-making based on real-time information in supply chain planning and execution frameworks.
  • SAP SRM and implementation services: SAP procurement applications SRM, eSourcing, and ERP provide comprehensive functionality for source–to-pay processes. We design, implement, and manage what we recommend for seamless services throughout the project lifecycle, enabling enhanced supplier relationship management capabilities.
  • SAP CRM implementation services: Improving customer insights and increasing sales performance by utilizing dedicated customer relationship solutions.
  • SAP PLM implementation services: Time-to-market and market leadership is the core success point of companies with innovative products and services. PLM cannot be seen as a stand-alone application only. It is a complex interaction of a variety of people, processes, hundreds of tools, methods, technology and data over the whole product lifecycle.

Geosoft SAP operational excellence

We use our deep experience and proven design and implementation approaches to help you design, implement, and continually improve you capability to operate the SAP ecosystem. We will help you to:

  • Extend the service offerings and delivery capabilities for your SAP competence center to allow your business to get the maximum out of SAP
  • Put in place SAP competence center structures that fit your business needs and allow you to scale in case of changing business requirements
  • Optimize SAP run process efficiency to lower costs
  • Ensure SAP continuity at the right level to guarantee your business‘ continuity requirements
  • Ensure compliance of your SAP operation to regulatory and validation requirements
  • Run SAP operations as a business to provide your business predictable costs
  • Integrate external service providers to minimize costs while staying in control and keeping critical knowledge in-house
  • Develop SAP enhancements in an agile manner and ensure safeguarded transitions run

Geosoft SAP technical services

We have deep experience in designing, implementing, and managing the operation of the SAP technical architecture and services. We will work with you to define the best way to get value from your SAP investment by putting the right SAP architecture and services in place.

Our offering focuses on:

  • SAP Architecture Consulting: Designing the best-fit technical architecture for your SAP ecosystem, including integration with other technology ecosystems.
  • SAP New Technologies: Identifying and designing the best way for you to get value from technologies including Basis, HANA, HANA Cloud Platform and Enterprise Portal.
  • SAP Solution Build & Run: Solution Manager is now at the heart of configuring, testing, operating and monitoring SAP. We use our deep experience to help you leverage Solution Manager’s capabilities to meet your requirements from design through implementation to operation.
  • SAP Security & Authorization: Developing, implementing, and assuring the quality of role based solutions, we manage the role development process through all the phases of the implementation lifecycle.
  • SAP Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC): We work with you to design and implement GRC solutions that reduce segregation of duties violations and critical access risks across systems, streamline user management processes, and enable the auditable management of emergency users.
  • Identity & Access Management (I&AM): We will work with you to integrate source systems to enable business-driven identity management and lower the cost of administration through centralized password, user account, and role assignment management including single sign-on.