GeoSOFT Enterprise Processes

Our focus is to enable you to achieve integrated, well-functioning and efficient enterprise processes by:

  • Designing the overall process model, eliminating organizational, process or information gaps
  • Enhancing Supply Chain and Operations capabilities
  • Addressing key challenges in Finance and Controlling processes
  • Ensuring employees can be productive by fulfilling process objectives and enterprise targets

Geosoft List of Service Offerings

  • Business Process Optimization
  • Supply Chain and Operations Processes
  • Finance Processes
  • HR Processes

Geosoft Business Process Optimization

In our Business Process Optimization offerings we use our experience, tools and methods to enable you to improve the design and management of your key business processes

  • Process Design and Streamlining: with the combination of our experience in Six Sigma, Lean, best practice business process frameworks and process digitization we support our clients in implementing highly effective processes, streamlined to value adding activities. This involves process simplification, harmonization, automation and interface optimization
  • Process Automation and Performance Monitoring: we help our client to establish mechanisms for regularly monitoring and controlling process performance. Process controls enable our clients to determine deviations in delivering the expected service levels at an early stage, to apply countermeasures and to continuously improve the service provided.

Geosoft Supply Chain and Operations Processes

A seamlessly functioning supply chain plays a crucial role in overcoming today’s business challenges. As markets have become increasingly volatile, in conjunction with strong requirements towards maintaining high service levels with shorter lead-times and time-to-market, cost pressures have also increased.

Our offerings in Supply Chain and Operations Processes cover critical topics for the whole value chain:

  • Supply Chain Target Operating Model: defining the operating model that fits the organization and processes providing enough agility to be sustainable through full process transformation in Strategic planning, Supply chain execution and Supply chain collaboration
  • Next Generation Supply Chain: For many enterprises today challenges are increasing: Managing a more complex, global Supply, Achieving greater responsiveness and agility, Enabling growth and delivering value, Service Improvement & Higher Delivery Expectations, Risk Reduction.
  • Supply Chain Innovation: New technologies have the potential to create an accelerated business value through a network approach. Mobility, Big Data and Common Platforms are the 3 big trends for the extended Supply Chain for the next 5 years but others will follow soon or will impact individual Supply Chain processes.
  • Supply Chain Assessment & Optimization: Assessing supply chain performance, analyzing new requirements and evaluating optimization potentials to help you to re-configure the supply chain to support requirements such as CPFR, VMI/SMI, SCEM, SCPM, characteristics-dependent forecasting and planning.
  • Supply Chain Planning, Collaborative Planning:
    Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) is a set of decision-making processes to:
    • Balance demand and supply
    • Integrate financial planning and operational planning
    • Link high-level strategic plans with day-to-day operations.
  • Funds flow efficient Supply Chain: defining and implementing tax efficient supply chain models, from operating model to operational supply chain execution flows
  • Procurement (Spend Analytic): Our spend analytic methodology and framework provides an analysis of consolidated spending across multiple business dimensions, ‘Out of the box’ predefined reports covering most typical spend analysis scenarios, and ad hoc analysis support, Capability assessment along multiple dimensions and reporting capabilities to support Top-Management analysis in addition to category managers and procurement professionals.
  • Shop Floor Assessment & Optimization (MES Services): supporting our clients in designing and implementing a best-in-class MES solution seamlessly integrated into the ERP backbone, establishing an efficient shop-floor management for production orders and embedded logistics processes as well supporting tasks such as quality management and plant maintenance.

Geosoft Finance Processes

Today’s finance businesses are facing even more challenges – not least increased pressure from the market and regulators to close the financial books within tighter timelines. At the same time, finance businesses have to provide more in-depth business insights to support better and faster decision making.

Our financial management services are designed to help our clients build a world-class finance function that consistently delivers added value to their organization.

  • Finance Operating Models: Designing the best-fit organization for your finance function with expert advice on how to optimize your global capabilities, enable business strategy and value creation
  • Financial Accounting: helping you to r un your accounting activities with precision and efficiency to ensure the organization has timely, compliant and accurate financial information to work with
  • Cost Accounting: Understanding the cost drivers of your organization to enable the comparative profitability analysis of diverse activities and the effective root cause analysis of any performance issues
    • Finance Master Data Management: Ensuring your business is equipped to adapt to the increasing pressures of regulatory compliance and the need for better decision-making
  • Corporate Treasury: Empowering your corporate treasury team to provide the business with high-value analysis in the face of increasing transaction volumes, foreign-currency volatility and tighter regulation
  • Billing & Revenue Management : Providing rules driven and relationship based pricing, a seamless integration between disparate billing systems and flexibility to support a scalable approach to Billing Transformation
  • Financial Consolidation & Reporting :
    • Finance Consolidation: Improving your financial consolidation and facilitating the integration of new activities. Ensuring compliance with group accounting standards and satisfy the expectations of multiple stakeholders
    • Management Reporting: Ensuring better decision-making in the face of activity diversification and market volatility. Harnessing the power of big data to understand the causes of your performance trends
  • Budgeting, planning & forecasting: Globalization and the need for market agility are leading more companies to invest in best of breed Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting solution. We help you to optimize your End-to-End processes for better predictability and to outperform the competition

Geosoft HR Processes

It is becoming increasingly challenging to enhance employee productivity and satisfaction to reach the highest potential to achieve CXO objectives, while being able to adapt to the fast pace and agility of the market.

The trends and challenges are clear:

  • Rigorous focus on the ability to attract, develop and retain top talent
  • Recruiting and onboarding innovations which build in efficiencies and increases revenue
  • How to deal with the challenges of expected aging workforce trends
  • Adapting to social collaboration needs of contemporary workforce
  • Controlling costs and utilizing globally consistent standardized processes and technologies
  • Integrating cloud based solutions to drive improved workforce productivity and satisfaction
  • Developing real time HCM analytics to enable “competitive edge” decision making
  • Enhancing the automation of HCM processes which leads to higher workforce productivity
  • Meeting the increasing demands of the global economy by leveraging global delivery
  • Focusing on Managed Services model to optimize TCO

We will work with you to address these challenges by optimizing the design and automation of your HR processes, using four service offerings:

Strategic HR Process Assessment and IT Roadmap:

  • Delivering leading edge innovation, insights and recommendations across the HR suite to meet the ever changing needs of the global contemporary workforce and HR organizations, leading to cloud and/or non-cloud best in class transformation
  • Developing source to select and onboarding insights that reduce cost and generate revenue

HR Core Business Transformation and HR IT Strategy:

  • Leading and deploying integrated ERP transformations that streamline and automate data and processes; optimize HCM landscapes; provide predictive analytics; and build scalable solutions that meet short term needs and adapt to future growth

Cloud-based HR Planning and Solutions:

  • Leading Deliver innovative cloud based assessments and solutions that drive efficiencies, improve workforce productivity, increase employee satisfaction and reduce TCO. Solutions include Success Factors, Concur, Cornerstone, Fiori and SFDC, with a heightened focus on social collaboration preeminence

Travel & Expense Management:

  • Developing highly efficient, low-touch, paperless T&E solutions leading to highly satisfied and highly productive employees.