Photo Editing with Photoshop Techniques

This training will display advance level Photoshop techniques globally used in digital image editing and retouching. These techniques are applicable in any form of graphics project with high level involvement with Photoshop.

This training will cover the following:

Clipping Path, Multiple Clipping Path, Image Masking, Photo Retouching and Restoration, Image Enhancement, Color Correction, High Dynamic Range-technique (HDR), Raster to Vector Conversion, Object Removing, 3D object Modeling and Image Compositing.

Contents of Training:

  • Optimize your settings, preferences and workspace 
  • Advanced level techniques for color correction and photo retouching 
  • Advanced technique of Clipping Path 
  • Optimize images for the web and work with animation 
  • RGB, LAB and CMYK Channels, and working with Alpha Channels 
  • Composite and blend flawlessly 
  • Camera Raw 4, layer alignment, and impressive image correction
  • Adjustment of white balance, exposure, saturation and histogram 
  • Adjust levels & curves, brightness & contrast, shadows & highlights 
  • Artistic compositing using channels for difficult masks 
  • Sophisticated layer management with Smart Objects 
  • Photoshop 3D Modeling and Merging 
  • Techniques for texturing and lighting models using the 3D Panel 
  • 32-bit color space as an artistic tool 
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) image creation techniques